commissions "Shoot/Wave" at Dorset County Hospital 2002 place mouse over image for detailed information. click next for more images of this project caroline sharp
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artist statement
Construction of Shoot/Wave January 2002. Five shoots half completed. Turf banks being dug. Materials: Green Willow/Dogwood/ Turves/Earth. Detail of Wave. A Wave of Willow rods 70 metres in length. 2-3 metres ht. 7000 rods each bent at tip to form a wave profile. Materials: Green Willow. Detail of Shoots. A simple weave I have developed using a frame of 4 upright rods and weaving up from the ground in layers, twisting round each rod in each layer, and leaving tips of rod to give hairy texture. Ht. 4 metres. Materials: Green Willow.